About Us

Hey guys!  My name is David Tirpak and I founded Heights Canine with Jake Scott in the beginning of 2015.  Both Jake and myself have a long history of working with dogs in just about every discipline from intense behavioral rehabilitation and aggression rehab to being national level dog sport competitors.

In an industry that is full of so many opinions on how to train your dog, we have made only one thing our priority.  Ensuring that we provide the highest level of dog training that our clients can replicate at home and building strong connections with each and every dog we work with to ensure they always have a safe and structured environment their owners can leave them at when they are away.

We work with any breed, any size, and any problem and have proven ourselves working with the toughest cases of dog aggression, human aggression, separation anxiety, and just about any other issue in the book.     Making sure that these dogs and owners have a long term plan in place to make sure they stay safe and happy in their homes for the rest of their lives is what matters to us.

Find our location closest to you and let us show you just how fantastic of an experience having a well behaved dog can be!