Board and Train programs


Enjoy a well-trained dog without interrupting your busy schedule. Allowing your dog a 3-5 week stay with our training team gives us the opportunity to provide 24/7 individual attention, removing bad habits, easing away fear and anxiety, and setting up a strong lasting routine. All dogs will undergo our science based, learning theory training program in a controlled environment, targeting your specific goals and issues, as well as daily socialization in our structured dog daycare and multi dog home. All dogs enrolled in our board and train program enjoy daily walks and field trips to parks and busy public places  to ensure reliable obedience no matter the distraction. Let us work through the challenging early stages of training to build the foundation for you to enjoy long lasting results!


3 Week Foundation Board and Train $2600

Our 3 week board and train price includes all training equipment (Prong collar, “State of the art low level” E-collar technologies brand remote collar, Kuranda brand pet cot)

Our 3 week foundation obedience board and train program is perfect for busy families and individuals who want their dream dog but may not have the time to commit to initial training. This program is designed for dogs with mild behavioral issues looking to develop strong obedience. Your dog will enjoy 21 days with our training team in a multi dog household undergoing continuous direction and structure while maintaining proper social skills in our structured doggie daycare. We conduct our programs in a home setting to ensure your dog learns, practices, and uses their new obedience skills in a manner that is relevant to your daily lifestyle.

In this program your dog will learn the following commands trained in a motivational manor to moderate distractions.

  • Heeling
  • Sit / Sit stay
  • Down / Down stay
  • Off leash recall
  • “Place” (a stay on a dog bed under heavy distraction)
  • Kennel up
  • Waiting at thresholds
  • Waiting for food

This program includes 3 hours of follow up coaching. At your send home lesson we will go over giving commands, enforcing commands, and creating structure in your home to ensure success. In the following sessions we will work to continue to improve your handling and strengthen your dogs obedience even further. These follow up sessions can be booked in your home, local parks, or in any setting that is appropriate for you and your dog. Included is ONE FULL YEAR of phone and email support.

*Dog must be dropped off and picked up by owner. Send home sessions are approximately 2 hours*

4/5 Week Board and Train $3200/3800 

For dogs requiring a more intensive program, a 4 or 5 week program may be appropriate.  During this program we cover the same foundation behaviors as our 3 week program but with an emphasis on working at an appropriate pace for more challenging cases.

Board and Train refund policy.

We require  full payment to secure your dogs spot and book their program, $400 of this payment is a non refundable deposit. Programs canceled between 30-15 days prior to drop off will receive a 50% refund of their program cost, less the $400 deposit.  Programs canceled 14 days or sooner prior to drop off will forfeit all funds.

David trained my german shepherd mix in basic obedience last year & my dog loved him. And that says something… Kota is picky! Take you to a year or so later, I am getting married in two weeks out of state & ran into a huge problem with the place I scheduled my dogs to board & needed somewhere to go. David didn’t hesitate to not only fit Kota in, but my two other pups as well on short notice. I always feel confident with the handling at Heights Canine & know that my pups will be happy & taken care of! David has my business for life!
We can’t thank David and Heights Canine enough for the training they gave our dog. Our one year old Great Pyrenees can be a handful and with the arrival of a baby coming quickly we needed help…fast. She was very dog reactive and protective. Thanks to Heights Canine she is now easily controllable on walks, can be in the yard off the leash, and spends quiet time on her bed when told to. She no longer jumps when excited. Her improvements are now one less thing we need to worry about!!.
Our dog, Frankie is nearing the end of his board and train and we are beyond happy with how much he has improved over the past month. We are so fortunate that the trainers, David and Jake, could help us and teach us how to correct many unwanted behaviors. Our dog has gone from being extremely reactive (esp on walks on leash) to a much calmer and obedient dog that we knew he could be. Today we got to visit and take him on a walk and this was the first time we’ve EVER been able to walk on leash nicely. Frankie has a much brighter future ahead all because of Heights Canine!